06-28-2014,09:54 AM #16 jlh73 Posts 378 Posts Global Posts 588 Global Posts Re: Wifi is "saved, secured" but won't connect no matter what Just ended up getting Quite often the simple act of the phone turning back on will cause the router to "notice" it again and it'll all start working again.

To date, after a reset, the loss of network with 'out of range' error happens a minimum of twice a day. Sometimes 'forgetting' your Wi-Fi network and reconnecting can resolve the issue. Give everything a minute or so to shut down completely, then turn the router back on. Mine does the same thing.

But 100% of the time when I come in the next day it will no longer connect unless I forget the connection and recreate it. Some common issues that people have been asking about are: Wi-Fi issues after upgrading their phone. As mentioned in one of the comments a wireless modem/router may have multiple connection methods. Find out more Don’t forget to forget!

Sometimes when a phone remembers a network it remembers an incorrect password for that network and can cause problems.